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Rockie's Bandit


August 4, 1993 to May 28, 2015

Stallion TWH registration #935972


Rocky was an amazing intelligent, kind, and proud Stallion! He will be missed.


Some of his children are pictured can see they came in all colors!

Rocky's Babies


Pride's Hillbilly Gold


Stallion TWH registration #20212139


Billy is one of the sweetest stallions you will ever want to meet! He is 12 years old, 15.3 hands, sweet, gentle, brings the same kind of babies. In this picture it is the first time he was ridden in 6 years and you would think he had been in training all along...and the rider is a 16 year old so not an experienced trainer.

This boy has the looks, disposition, gentleness, movement and puts out good babies...what more could you want in a stallion? You can use him for breeding or take him on the trails...he is a good boy.

We have owned him since he was 10 months old and are selling because we are closing our breeding is a shame for him to stand around doing nothing. I have a few mares that could be available for breeding also... $350 stud fee. $10,000

Billy   Billy

Here are pictures of some of his offspring. The two buckskins are out of a bay mare. The palomino is out of a sorrel mare. The spotted medicine hat is out of a spotted mare. The gray is out of a gray mare. He does put out great color and they all train very easily...just get on and ride!!! His TWH registration #20212139

Billy Babies

For more information call:

Bev Foltz


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